Karl-Teaching-2-300x225Troy —  Attorney Karl Numinen teaches a class on handling false confession cases with Dr. Richard Ofshe, professor emeritus at the University of California – Berkeley, and William Fleener from the acclaimed Innocence Project.

The presentation was put on by the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan at its Advanced Skills Seminar on March 14, 2013 in Troy, Michigan.  Dr. Ofshe, a nationally recognized expert on coercive police tactics, introduced an award-winning documentary film, “Scenes of a Crime,” the story of Adrian Thomas and the abusive New York City police interrogation tactics which led to his giving a false confession to a crime he did not commit.  The Los Angeles Times says, “If you watch ‘Scenes of a Crime’ — and you very much should — be prepared to be outraged.  A cool documentary that makes the blood boil, it examines how people can be psychologically manipulated into confessing.”