Charged with OWI for first time. Keith was great in explaining options and in orchestrating a very fair plea deal. I recommend him without reservation for similar offenses.

My father is an attorney, and this is what he said of the result, “Wow, what a great deal. I hope you realize what a wonderful deal you’ve got with that plea”.

- anonymous 


In the last few years, I’ve had two (criminal and civil) life altering situations that I (family) needed representation from a lawyer, believe me, this is something I never imagined I’d ever need. Mr. Deforge and his staff exceeded all of my expectation on all levels, from information to communication to making the best decisions based on what we were dealing with. Mr. Deforge pushed the system in the criminal case and achieved a ruling that was out of the normal protocol, record setting! The consulting that Mr. Deforge provided me with in the civil case, protected my future, something that I wasn’t thinking about, as at times we only focus on the immediate because we can’t see clear, as emotions at times cloud our thinking.

- Susan 


Keith DeForge is the best Lawyer I have ever encountered. No matter how many times I called with questions about my family case, Mr. DeForge would immediately answer all of my questions. Upon hire, he gives his personal number so he is available to contact at any time. He is very straight forward, and tells you what your chances are in a court of law. Mr. DeForge helped my family tremendously, as he is very caring when it comes to family matters. He guided me through all steps of the process, and helped me to be more confident about my case. We won our case by a landslide, and I couldn’t be happier. Hiring Mr. DeForge was the best possible decision I could have made.

- Timery 


Best lawyer ever! Keith went far and beyond what I ever thought a lawyer would! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer. He was always on top of my case and informed me on everything. Keith was very understanding and answered all my million questions I asked in regards to my case. He is a very smart guy, if I ever need a lawyer again Keith would be my first call. Do not hesitate and call Keith today, you will be glad you did!

- Susanna 


We contacted Keith and explained what paperwork came to us from tribal court. He asked us to fax him all the paperwork to him. He then informed the court that he was representing us and needed to get a convenient date for everyone concerned. When arriving at court the prosecutor presented their case. Keith presented ours and after the judge reviewed it the case was dismissed.

- Jan 


I was a mess… trying to decide if I was going to head my divorce on my own. Then I contacted Keith because I needed guidance. If I hadn’t I would have been bullied into just walking away. He was very informative with me. I had contacted others but he was the one that gave me the most advice and saw me to the end. He talked me off the ledge of loosing my mind many times . I’m proud to say that he was then and is still now and will always be my lawyer. Not sure what I would have done without his knowledge.he knows the ins and outs of law very well. Thank you Keith for being an amazing lawyer.

- Michele 


If you are in a legal jam, I wholeheartedly recommend you hire Karl Numinen. Unfortunate circumstances, which we know can happen to anyone, have led me to hire Karl for two unrelated issues through past years. Both times he has defended me through the criminal law process, the cases resulted in dismissal of charges! As impressive as his legal prowess, he is also graced with a keen fashion sense. If you choose to hire Karl to represent you, be confident knowing he is knowledgeable, accomplished, and suave.

- anonymous 


Karl was great to work with I contacted him on a Saturday evening and he called me back on Sunday morning. I never had to hire a lawyer before, he’s very good but I wish our questions were answered a little faster and in our case he told us the worst case scenario and in the everything worked out for the best. So needless to say we were on pins and needles until the hearing.

- anonymous 


My fiancé was being accused of Criminal Sexual Conduct both in the 1st degree and 2nd degree with a child under the age of 13. These accusations came four years after this incident apparently happened. After he spent nearly three months in the county jail with a lawyer provided by the courts whom did nothing, we decided to hire Mr. Karl Numinen. We hired him the week before Christmas and he got to work. Within two weeks he had my fiancés bond lowered to an amount that made it possible to bring him home. He then spent the next few months going over every single detail involved in the case. Mind you my fiancé is someone who worked at a local school and was being accused by a troubled young man. These accusations actually cost him his job. Trial came and Karl did exactly like he said he would. He pulled out all the flaws in the accusations; showed how this person had changed their story in the police reports, interviews and on the stand. He showed how this person was not telling the truth regarding anything and was actually doing this to try and change the way he was being looked at in the courts eyes. By saying he was a victim; he was no longer being classified as a felon. After Karl showed everything we had which mind you was a lot compared to what the prosecutor had the trial was wrapped up after just two very short days. The jury came back Not Guilty on ALL Charges after only two hours of deliberating. Mr. Numinen was hands down the most attentive, professional and dedicated lawyer I have ever met. If we were ever in need of a lawyer again I would not hesitate to call Karl, as I know he would do everything to insure justice was served. Karl Numinen and his staff are great people to work with and we can’t thank them enough for the hard work they do! When in doubt, Call Mr. Numinen!!

- Samantha 


I was charged with a felony when the UPSET cops claimed I sold my prescription pills to a snitch. I hired Karl Numinen to defend me. I told him I didn’t do it and the cops set me up. He proved the snitch was lying and he got all my charges dismissed! He’s da man!

- anonymous 


I hired Karl Numinen to represent my son who got into some serious trouble while a student at Northern Michigan University. He was falsely accused of date rape. My son’s future was on the line and Karl and his excellent staff and team of attorneys handled the matter like it was his own child being prosecuted. They’re fearless! After some intense and emotional court hearings all charges were dismissed. I recommend Karl Numinen if you really need a great lawyer

- anonymous 


I hired Karl Numinen’s law firm to represent me in a felony matter. Karl and his team did an excellent job in my defense and were able to have the case dismissed. very knowledgeable in the law and very attentative to the details. I would recommend Karl and his team tyo any one that needs legal representation!

- Pete   


Karl was very aggressive and had my criminal case dismissed at the preliminary hearing. I was facing 2 counts both life terms which were all based on false allegations. Karl got the truth out. Prelim lasted 1 hour. I waited 9 days afterwards to hear dismissed. Where almost every case is bound over, mine was dismissed. I would trust this man with my life. Amazing lawyer!

- mike 


I was referred to Mr. Numinen by a trusted friend. He was confident, attentive and compassionate from the first consultation. He helped the judge see the truth and I won full physical and legal custody of my children which was my goal from the start. Mr. Numinen, his assistant Anne and all the staff are the epitomy of professionalism with a heart. Whatever your legal needs you can trust Me. Numinen and his staff to help see you through. They always are prompt to respond and you never feel like you are alone. They give you confidence when you need it the most. I can not thank him and his staff enough for helping stand up for my children and I while we were learning to stand up for ourselves.

- anonymous 


I hired Karl to represent my son in a very serious criminal matter. Karl was absolutely fantastic. He spent the time with us to thoroughly learn about the case and my son’s situation. He came up with a very creative legal strategy to attack the police sloppy work which resulted in questionable “evidence” being thrown out of court. It was clear to us that Karl was the most knowledgeable person in the courtroom! I would recommend him to anyone who has a serious problem.

- Fred Marting 


I had been going through a very contentious, ugly divorce for quite some time, with a lawyer I didn’t feel 100% sure about, before hiring Karl. He was highly recommended to me. Despite fears of the unknown (which we all have heading into a trial), Karl was able to calm my nerves, and instill confidence in me enough to trust him with this most important aspect of my life and future. I couldn’t be more thankful that I did! When other lawyers had told me that what I was looking for was impossible – Karl pulled off with ease. Through expertly questioning the opposing witnesses, he was able to shred every one of their credibilities. He took evidence opposing council submitted and was able to use it to not only weaken their argument, but to boost and corroborate our case! I never thought the day would come where I felt happy with this ending (a divorce); content? Maybe. But happy? No. I do now though! All cases you can’t expect miracles… but I know if I ever have any legal needs in the future— I know where I’m going.

- anonymous 


My son was falsely accused of a sex crime, after hiring an attorney we thought could help we were clearly proven wrong. So our search for a good knowledgeable attorney became our focus. We by the grace of God was directed to attorney Mr. Karl Numinen. When he made his first call to us he spend a good hour getting details of case and speaking to us on his own time. Mr. Numinen also scheduled an appointment in his office with us in which we were able to discuss further in detail the charges being brought upon my son and brought in proof of some facts we had in regards to our defense, which also was free of costs, he explained to us about retaining him and it was agreed he would take on this very difficult case that had already been going on for 6 months. Mr. Numinen came in later in this case which is difficult to begin with and was always willing to speak and consult with us whenever we had questions or concerns. Mr. Numinen is extremely knowledgeable about the laws and he will speak the truth. We finally had our day in court and Mr. Numinen I can’t explain in words what a wonderful job he did in the honest defense of my son!!!! He got up in court and did his job and beyond and honestly my son could have been facing 3 to 15 years unfairly however but Mr. Numinen brought the facts out that involved a very serious situation and did what no other attorney could have done. Mr. Karl Numinen got my son JUSTICE!!!!!!!! Mr. Numinen had a wonderful demeanor about him, he is very calm and he knows what he is doing!!!!! If you are looking for an attorney to help you fight and get the justice you deserve look no farther than Mr. Karl Numinen, I promise you, he will fight and get you the justice you deserve the very best that he can!!!!!

- anonymous 


I felt like Karl took my case seriously and helped in every way possible. He was down to earth and recognized my need for confidentiality and all charges are now dismissed. He went the extra mile and I would go to Karl with any legal needs!

- anonymous 


My experience (and my entire family’s experience) with Karl Numinen and his associate Jana Mathieu was exceptional. I was facing serious criminal charges, but was put at ease immediately when I hired Karl as my attorney. I chose him because he came highly recommended and he is well respected in the community. He and Jana have the excellent legal skills, knowledge, demeanor, etc. Both Karl and Jana were there for me and my family walking us through every aspect and giving us reassurance. My wife was very grateful for Jana and her kind words. I don’t know what I would have done without them at that devastating painful and scary time of my life. Karl and Jana were able to zealously defend me and I was acquitted of all charges. Thank you Karl and Jana from all of us – we are forever grateful!

- anonymous 


Karl Numinen is no typical lawyer. He’s down to earth, easy to talk too, and not judgmental. Although I had the truth on my side it seemed in my situation that a lie would be easier to believe than the truth. Karl Numinen helped bring the truth out and eased my anxiety of a horrible situation I had no control over. I had lost everything and was wrongly accused; my whole world was falling down around me. Dealing with personal tragedy on top of the often intimidating judicial process left me overwhelmed, but Karl not only helped me become comfortable with the confusing procedures that accompany a lawsuit, but also helped restore my confidence in myself which allowed me to be ready for my day in court. When I came to Karl Numinen I had what seemed to be an impossible mountain to climb. He guided me to the top in style, and before I knew it I was sitting with the best view in the house. Thanks to Karl Numinen I have my life back. He is a man of great integrity, steadfast, and trustworthy. I will forever owe him for saving me. Thank you Karl Numinen.

- Crystal 


Needless to say, Karl has been there for me since the first day I walked into his office on Meeske Avenue in Marquette, MI for a sit down consultation regarding the issue I was dealing with. The issue was a criminal matter, drunk and disorderly/resisting arrest to be exact. Due to the circumstances, I knew I needed a reliable and competent attorney in order to help me with the situation. Karl went above and beyond, and due to his hard work, compassion, and pure skill, the prosecutor granted a complete dismissal of all charges in my favor just months later! I was ecstatic when he called to inform me of the news! The whole time I was promptly kept up to date with what was going on, not only through Karl, but also his wonderful staff and another attorney at Pence & Numinen named Keith DeForge, who I would also recommend to anyone searching legal advice or counsel! After the criminal charges were dismissed completely, the decision was made to press charges for a violation of my civil rights, due to the circumstances. Karl represented me again in this matter, working long hours to make sure the best outcome possible could be achieved. At the end of the day, an agreement was reached by both parties that was fair and reasonable for myself and for Karl. Without him and his team, I don’t think things would have went the way they did. So, if you need an attorney you can rely on, one who will be there for you, Karl Numinen has and will always have my support and confidence. Thank you, Karl, for everything!

- anonymous 


Charged with a serious 3rd Degree felony flee & elude, an impaired & civil disregard, I lost all hope, until I met Karl Numinen. From the start ,his calm professional noble approach was vindicated in the end result, the least amount of a misdemeanor with all other charges dropped.His tireless perseverance ,determination, skills & competence in the legal field are OUTSTANDING.. Being the nervous person I am,Karl & Ann,his assistant were .,calming & assuring me that I would be OK.When it is said that “The right attorney makes the difference”,that is a very true statement.Karl & Ann are the Best of the Best.They have the “Right Stuff”.I would recommend to any one in need of the finest most knowledgable , compassionate highly respected legal team to Karl Numinen.They are a Godsend.

- Kerry 


Karl was an excellent lawyer. He was well prepared for court and had done his research well in advance. I was always able to get ahold of him. He was there any time I had a question . He made sure everything I wanted to happen happened in court. I had no worries going into court with him being my lawyer. He was very flexible with scheduling to meet me seeing as I live 15 hours away. He took time to actually get to know me . He definitely isn’t just a lawyer who wants to get paid. He wants what’s best for you . I would most definitely suggest him to anyone seeking a lawyer.

- anonymous 


My experience with Karl Numinen was exceptional. During a divorce your whole life is turned upside down and choosing a attorney can be overwhelming.

I choose him because he was highly recommended and well respected in the community . Minutes into our first meeting I knew I made to right choice. He immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease which was important since I would be revealing highly personal information about myself and my marriage.

He has the legal skills and knowledge that got the results in my favor. He works well with others which was obvious by the way court staff members treated him and even how the attorney for my husband treated him. He was respected and well liked by all.

Something that really impressed me was how comfortable he was at court . He was familiar with the judge and courtroom style . This stressful situation ended in my favor.

A few years later I unfortunately was facing health care fraud charges and thought my career and life was over. Not only did he prevent me from being charged I didnt have my professional license affected in any way. He was again exceptional…well known and well connected also fierce and effective.

This painful case went on for years. Both Karl and his amazing assistant Anne were there for me walking me through every aspect and giving me reassurance. I don’t know what I would have done without them at that devastating painful time of my life.

I have moved out of the area years ago but will be forever grateful to Karl and Anne.

- DB 


OUTSTANDING. Karl performed miracles for me. We talked about what outcome I wanted and he delivered.

- Bill 


I had the privilage of being refered to Mr. Numinen by a family friend. From the first appointment to the last hearing he represented me with professionalism. He was very knowledgeable, supportive, respectful and available to answer my questions. He was aggressive in the court room, which made me proud to have him sitting next to me. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a lawyer.

- Alicia 


Mr. Numinen is not only a great lawyer, he was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He sat down with me to review old documents, hear my concerns, discuss options, and give legal advice. Regardless if it was a meeting in person, over the phone, or in court, I always left feeling better about the situation than before we talked. He didn’t tell me the things I wanted to hear but told me the facts of the matter. Many times I would call his office to seek his insight to find out he was either in court or unavailable. Whatever the reason, I often times would get a call back from him after hours. It was that extra effort that allowed me to sleep easier at night knowing that Mr. Numinen had a plan, could be trusted, and cared about my case as much as I did. In the court room, Mr. Numinen always represents himself in the highest professional manner. Mr. Numinen has a skill at asking questions that lead up to the big point without just jumping to the point. His plan was impeccable throughout the whole trial and as I told him, I was impressed!! If you are in need of a lawyer to represent you, feel comfortable contacting Mr. Numinen and trust in his approach. Mr. Numinen will be my lawyer in the future if I need and I would recommend him to all friends and family.

- Nick 


Sometimes knowing the right expert can make all the difference. When our son was charged with an DUI we began an extensive search for an attorney to guide us through this process. In particular, we were looking for someone recognized as knowledgeable, with documented experience and a successful track record in this area. All paths lead us directly to Karl Numinen of Pence & Numinen, P.C. He has an excellent working relationship within the legal community and is highly respected. Additionally, he was easy to talk to & well aware of our needs. He guided us through the entire process & provided us with the best legal advice & defense possible. We strongly recommend this attorney for anyone requiring assistance in any legal matter. If your looking for a dependable attorney that you can count on, look no further.

- Angelina 


Karl represented my son on a criminal case that went to trial. We found the right attorney in Karl. Although a plea was offered, it was not the right thing to do (admitting to something that never happened); we put our trust in Karl. With Karl’s diligence, talent and efficiency he was able to uncover truths and untruths and brought back a verdict of not guilty. Not only is Karl a great attorney, he is compassionate and showed a real interest in my son’s future. Karl has an impressive background and did an incredible job representing my son.

- Theresa 


I have had fairly extensive experience with attorneys over the years but this was my first encounter with a criminal defense attorney. My son needed an attorney to defend himself against a groundless charge of domestic violence. As we subsequently learned, this type of charge can be very difficult to refute particularly when the defendant is a male. From the outset, Mr. Numinen very clearly laid out an analysis of the case, how it typically plays out in the Marquette jurisdiction and what the defense strategy should be. While I don’t want to get into specifics, Mr. Numinen took some aggressive and novel steps which definitely helped our case. In the end, the charge was dropped. The only difficulty that we had with the handling of the case was in making consistent contact with Mr. Numinen and getting a timely response. This problem only arose on a couple of occasions and was due to his being out of town. His very capable assistant, Anne Perala, did an excellent job in trying to cover these communication gaps. Bottom Line: I would definitely recommend Mr. Numinen as a top notch attorney.

- Mike 


Karl Numinen has represented me in court several times. He has represented me in two separate cases. One resulted in dismissal with prejudice due to the inadmissibility of the two vials of blood taken from my body. Karl filed a wonderful, well composed motion to suppress evidence, in this case the two vials of blood. Karl claimed that the police had violated my rights and ultimately wrongfully arrested me. This was a great outcome as it would be for anybody. Second case was a 7 count Felony information. These were all drug charges. The case was a long drawn out battle. Ultimiately the case ended with me pleading guilty to 1 single count of Misdemeanor. This wasn’t until Karl fought long and hard in this case. After 1 and 1/2 days of jury trial, Karl motioned for Mistrial. This was granted and I was allowed to walk free from that moment on. Due to the judge falling asleep, Karl was able to score the W in this one also. 7 Jurors pooled afterwards, asked if the trial were to end right now what would you have voted: “Not guilty unanimously.” As the others on this page, I concur that, Karl is very passionate about the law and justice system. I have never seen a Lawyer fight so hard for justice for his clients. He brings his personal character and professional wisdom, as well as no where seen before skills to the table every single day he enters the courtroom as a Defense Attorney. Karl Numinen believes in fighting for his clients!

- anonymous 


Karl has represented me on two separate cases. One the charges were dismissed with prejudice, due to the blood draw being inadmissable in court. This was due to police misconduct. Second, I was facing 7 count felony drug charges information/complaint and Karl had it reduced to Misdemeanor. Not before a long battle that included a partial trial, which Karl had motion granting me a Mistrial. Due to a sleepy judge, Karl was able to have me walk free from the courtroom directly from trial. I considered this a W. Karl is the best Lawyer I have ever seen at work. I have seen a few, but Karl is the best!

- anonymous 


On September 23, 2011 with my family at my side, a jury in a west Michigan federal district court ruled that the entertainers I was contracting to produce my nationally touring entertainment events “are” independent, and are “not” employees of my company. This was a landmark verdict for me, and for other companies like mine that would like to continue doing business as usual in hiring contractors, and companies that are independent. My attorney exposed the flimsy evidence the plaintiffs put forward, and with surgical precision proved to the jury that my company was law abiding, was run ethically, and correctly within the statutes of the FLSA.

In my opinion what made the relationship with my attorney jell was the fact that he actually cared about me and my family. No Bullshit. He knew what was on the line for us, and took the appropriate steps to learn the entertainment biz I was involved in for 20 years, and learned some industry standards way beyond what I told him. He studied the IRS codes, and the FLSA statutes to become an expert on the subject. When in court Mr. Numinen made it obvious to the jury that the opposition was fixated simply on a few select pieces of boiler plate irrelevant documents, and not the story of our industry.

He exposed them for what they were….Money grabbing ambulance chasers, and rat bastards as well. I come from a family of attorneys (3) to be exact. Be assured, Karl Numinen is passionate about the law. During the entire proceedings that fact seemed obvious to the judge, the jury, and to my family, but most of all to me the owner of TjohnE Productions Inc.

- anonymous 


We hired Karl Numinen for our son when he was involved in a third OWI. The charges were felony charges. There were extenuating circumstances that were not in the police report. Mr. Numinen was considerate of my son and his circumstances and willing to listen, plus investigate further. He worked behind the scenes to gain a very satisfactory plea agreement. He was thorough and knowledgeable. In addition, he was straightforward with his recommendations and willing to call a spade a spade. In court he went to bat for my son in a strong professional manner which ended up with positive results for my son. Mr. Numinen stands up for his clients and does an excellent job. We are most pleased with his representation and would recommend him to others.

- Kaye 


Karl Numinen has been my attorney for the past 5 years. He has always been caring and very competent. I have recommended Karl on numerous occasions to people in need of legal help. Karl’s professionalism has brought me peace of mind through many of my legal battles concerning my daughter. When you are in a situation where you need an attorney who truly cares about you as a client, Karl Numinen is the one to have. Karl Numinen has truly given me strength when it comes to fighting for what is right.

- Susanne 


Articulate, knowledgeable, professional, highly competent, and very personable. What I especially appreciated about Karl was his ability to advance my interests while maintaining a civil discourse with the defendants in my case. In addition, my husband, who is a practicing attorney, completely concurs with my assessment of Karl.

- Kristen 


As a retired area Police Chief…I long ago learned to recognize a quality and well-respected Attorney from those that are often times not.

The name “Karl Numinen” envokes immediate respect from his peers, as well, from other professionals that at times may sit opposite him in a legal setting. I know this firsthand. I’ve sat opposite Mr. Numinen in the Criminal Law setting as he’s often times been successful for his client. Professionally, he has revealed in clear ways that…the police and system are not always right.

Unquestionably, Mr. Numinen is known to receive positive acceptance from all Upper Peninsula Courts regardless of the matter. His legal-demeanor, talents and successes are widely recognized here in the U.P., as well, throughout the State of Michigan.

Attorney Karl Numinen, be it a small legal issue, or frankly, a high-profile Homicide matter, is known for his capable litigation and courtroom abilities. He is excellent in the courtroom.

Although completely satisfied with Karl’s legal efforts for me on the personal-side…please remember I have faced him on the Criminal Law level and had to accept his arguments and successful advocacy for his client. Admittedly, I do not offer this opinion lightly. But, the truth bares out the above facts.

The bottom-line is this: Karl Numinen is tested, proven and successful in his practice of Law. And for the right reasons…he’s a professional and personal blend of being an outstanding and gifted Attorney along with being a solid and personable man. He is a class-act through and through.

Karl Numinen has my complete confidence…


Bradford Arnsparger Retired Michigan Police Chief

On a personal note, I’ve used Mr. Numinen’s abilities on a on-going Family Law matter. In short, without pondering for a minute, I knew exactly who to seek out for legal assistance.

- Bradford Arnsparger 

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