Houghton Estate Planning Attorneys

Houghton estate planning attorneys are available to assist you at Numinen, DeForge & Toutant, PC. Our award-winning legal team has unique experiences that will help your family prepare for an uncertain future with an ever-changing financial environment. Keith DeForge’s previous life as banker is evidence he has knowledge of tax issues, business law and probate from practical experience outside the law. He also holds a real estate license, giving him a practical understanding of Michigan’s real property law. Our lawyers put the client’s interests first, are always communicative and always available to discuss your case.

Estate Planning Law Firm in Houghton

Today, processes like writing a will, trust or real estate contract are considered things you can do yourself with a downloadable form from an anonymous website. The laws are becoming more complicated while the boilerplate forms remain simple. It may cost you more over the long term to take these actions on yourself if you miss a key legal point or are tripped up by things you simply didn’t know because you aren’t an experienced lawyer yourself.

Our attorneys will help you avoid the common problems that befall the DIY consumer. We can help your family avoid tax problems after they inherit your estate. We are best suited to deal with complex family situations that call for complex document writing. If you have a non-profit organization you want to provide funding for, we can help create a charitable trust that meets the demands of the organization and helps to keep it going.

Experienced Living Will Attorneys

Our lawyers are particularly sensitive to end-of-life issues. They are difficult to discuss after you’ve experienced them. We will handle matters like living wills, DNR orders and special needs trusts with the thoughtfulness they deserve.

Sometimes, even the best-crafted probate document may be challenged in court. Our lawyers can provide advice and counsel to executors regarding the enormous responsibility of the position. We will help you make certain the wishes of the decedent are followed to the letter. Our legal team is comprised of experienced and highly respected litigators who can represent the estate in court.

Wills and Trusts Lawyers in Houghton

With our combination of practical financial and legal experience, our firm is like a financial advisor, real estate attorney and probate team rolled into one. Call our staff at Numinen, DeForge & Toutant, PC for a free consultation and let us see how we can be of assistance.