Even the threat of criminal charges can be devastating. When the stakes are high and your chips are “all in” you need an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. Karl Numinen has established an unparalleled track record of victories defending the accused.



When you’re confronted with criminal allegations, you need the advice of experienced legal counsel immediately.  Whether you’re facing serious felony charges or a simple misdemeanor, the attorneys of Numinen, DeForge & Mathieu, PC are ready to promptly respond to protect your rights.


  • Million Dollar Financial Settlement for our client whose father was killed in a motorcycle accident.
  • Financial Settlement for our client after the police broke into his home and illegally “seized” his snowmobile.
  • Financial Settlement for our client after the police drug team kicked down his door and conducted an illegal search of his home.
  • Financial Settlement for our client, a 54-year-old nurse, who was wrongfully terminated on the basis of age discrimination.
  • Financial Settlement for our client whose husband was killed as a passenger in an automobile accident.
  • Financial Settlement for our client, an elderly woman, who tripped and fell at a supermarket and suffered serious damage to her knee.
  • Financial Settlement for our client, a prominent businessman, who was defamed by an officer of his condo association.
  • Defense Victory on behalf of our client, an elected official, who was sued for defamation by an attorney. To red the Court of Appeals opinion, click: Defamation Defense
  • Financial Settlement for our client, a high school student who was physically assaulted by his coach during a football practice. This case was aggressively litigated by the defense and we fought all the way through the Court of Appeals and won, ultimately obtaining a very favorable financial settlement to compensate for our client’s injuries. To read the Court of Appeals opinion, click: Coach Injuries Player


  • “Charges Dismissed” on the day before trial in a multi-count 1st degree felony criminal sexual conduct case after Karl won a fight over the validity of computer evidence.
  • “Charges Dismissed” by the judge in a marijuana case where Karl successfully argued his client’s Medical Marijuana card provided an affirmative defense.
  • “Charges Dismissed” before trial when the Federal Judge granted Karl’s motion to suppress evidence illegally obtained by the U.S. Forest Service officer’s unlawful search.
  • “Charges Dismissed” in a felony drug case involving a car accident where Karl was able to challenge the State Police Crime Lab drug analysis.
  • “Charges Dismissed” in a felony DUI case after Karl convinced the judge to rule the blood tests results were not admissible at trial.
  • “Charges Dismissed” by the prosecutor in a felony home invasion and felony assault case after Karl destroyed the credibility of the accuser during hearings.
  • “Charges Dismissed” in a multi-count-defendant, complex felony fraud case after the preliminary examination.

Sometimes the fight can be won before the battle ever begins.  In The Art of War, philosopher and military strategist Sun Tzu reasoned that, “To win without fighting is best.”  Karl embraces this philosophy and applies it to his criminal defense practice.  He has won more cases before trial by attacking illegal police procedures, disclosing fatal flaws in the prosecutor’s evidence, and revealing the deceptions of accusing witnesses.  The above are just a few examples of “winning without fighting”.

Criminal defense is highly specialized area of law and a potential mine field for the inexperienced.  When your very liberty is at stake, you want an attorney who has been there before and can guide you through the mine field without stepping on a land mine.  Karl Numinen and his team devote a substantial part of their practice to criminal defense and they are constantly striving to hone their skills.


  • Computer Crime
  • Federal Crimes
  • Drugs
  • Drunk Driving
  • Embezzlement
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Sexual Assault/ Molestation
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Arson
  • Breaking & Entering
  • Murder
  • White Collar Crime

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