Family Law

The Houghton family law attorneys of Numinen, DeForge, & Toutant, PC provide compassionate support for those in the midst of divorce, child custody disputes, and a variety of other family-related legal concerns. The firm is an excellent resource for Houghton residents, who praise its sensitive, yet proactive approach to family matters.


Going through a divorce or a contested custody battle can be one of the most stressful events in your life. During the sometimes heated conflict that often accompanies divorce litigation, you need an experienced family law attorney who can guide you through the emotional chaos and help you make rational decisions in your – and your children’s – best interests.

Criminal Defense

Even the threat of criminal charges can be devastating. When the stakes are high and your chips are “all in” you need an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. Karl Numinen has established an unparalleled track record of victories defending the accused.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries are not always physical.  Sometimes they include emotional, psychological, and reputation damages.  Regardless of the type of injury you suffer, the attorneys at Numinen, DeForge & Toutant, PC have the knowledge, experience, and resources to maximize our clients’ claims.

Estate Planning

Our award-winning legal team has unique experiences that will help your family prepare for an uncertain future with an ever-changing financial environment.

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